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Judul Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Improving the Students’ Vocabulary Achivement Through Make A Match Method

Judul Skripsi Bahasa Inggris
Improving the Students’ Vocabulary Achivement Through Make A Match Method

A.     Background

The mastery of vocabulary is a difficult task to do specially english vocabulary, which is complex. This complexity brings the vocabulary brings difficulties to students who try to master the vocabulary. This is probably caused by the word forms of various meanings and word choices. Certainly there are many approaches that can help the students to enrich and master the Eglish vocabulary and they can choose one to help them in learning english vocabulary.
Central to research into vocabulary learning is key queation concerning how words are learned. To master English vocabulary, it is necessary for English teacher to have good technique in presenting the materials in the classroom. The teacher should make students learn vocabulary easier, faster, more effective and effecient.
In learning English , there are four main elements that need to be taught, they are speeling, pronuncition, vocabulary and grammar. But the must supporting element to learn them is vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary is considered as the contributing element in learning english. Without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.
The students will faced many difficulties to express their feeling and idea to other people, if they lacking of vocabulary. In this case to read and understand of the text they must have a good command to vocabulary. English vocabulary as the most significant factors. Learning English without mastery of vocabulary can make people trouble to speak and they can not answer some question in spoken and writen form.
The are many students facing problems in learning. One of the problem, is students lack of vocabulary. The lack of vocabularies probably can sed by methods and technique by the teachers in teaching perhaps the methods and techniques not suitable for the students need and interest.
Vocabulary is very important because the words are the basic unit of language which speaker can transmit idea to their listener the student vocabulary. The student’s vocabularies can growt if they try hard to mastery and memorize the vocabulary everyday. For many years vocabulary was seen as incidental to the main purpose of language teaching namely the acquisitio of grammatical knowledge about the language vocabulary was necessary to give student something to hang on when learning structure but was frequently not a main focus learning it self.
As we know that, Vocabulary are integral component of intellectual assesment within psychology. Level of vocabulary has been consistently found to predict overall level of intellectual functioning as well educatioal achievement.
  The students of SMP Muhammadiyah 5 Makassar especially at the second year still cannot use their language in communication because they consider that English subject is bored and scare. It is a because of students lacking vocabulary. As value of observation in the class room the students’ has score 50, in the last semester the student’s scores are between 5,0 – 6,5. This score is as a poor category. In this research the aim is to solve this problem until the students have a good score, while the standard curriculum is 6.5. The researcher wants to achieve the score at 7,0 target in learning vocabulary.
Firman (2008:1) states that to develop the students’ vocabulary the teacher must be found out effective way of teaching vocabulary. The teacher should use a good method and techniques to increase students’ achievement at specially vocabulary. So that the writer interested in trying one method that could be used by teachers to increase their teaching method (in teaching English specially) and can help the students to increase their vocabulary, it is Make a match method.
Lie in suprijono (2007: 77) Make a match method is one method cooperative learning in developed by lorrna curran, in this method the teacher must prepare some card that contain several concept or topics and answer.  
  Based on the description above, the writer conduct the research under the title “Improving the students’ vocabulary achievement through make a match method”.
B.       Problem Statment
Based on the description on the background above, the writer formulates the research question as follow:
“How is the improvement of the students’ vocabulary achievement through Make a match Method?”

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